Direct Gifts Grant

Instrumental Music Program

Meadow Elementary School

As Corporate Sponsor, the Remember Ryan Foundation provides the majority funding for the program or activity.  In some cases, the Foundation is the sole source of financial support.

Adaptations of Broadway musicals, such as Lion KIng, Beautyand the Beast and Cinderella  are presented annually by students in grades 5-8.

School-based Corporate Sponsorships are reserved for visual or performing arts activites that occur each year and include large numbers of students across multiple grade levels.

Community-based Corporate Sponsorships are limited to selected visual and performing arts initiatives that recognize individual North Tonawanda High School alumni and staff for their contributions to the visual and performing arts.

The Direct Gifts Program was originally limited to providing visual and performing arts reference materials and supplies to school libraries and classrooms but was expanded to include a grants component for selected programs.  A Direct Gift Grant is non-competitive and the financial equivalent of a Corporate Sponsorship.

Adaptations of Broadway plays such as Lion King, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast are presented annually by 5th-8th grade students

The traditional Direct Gifts Program provides up to $100 per application toward the purchase of visual or performing arts reference materials for placement in a school's Library Media Center.   Requests must be submitted by the Library-Media Specialist or the Principal and are limited to one request per school per school year.  Email requests should be sent to and include a complete description of the  requested item;   vendor name and address; and item number, if available.  Direct Gift requests are accepted at any time.


What began as a regular Remember Ryan Grant has evolved into the Foundation's first Direct Gifts Grant.  The grant is administered by Ms. April Carere, Instrumental Music Teacher at Meadow School, North Tonawanda and is specifically for the purpose of buying musical instruments for use by students, many of whom might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate.

 Corporate Sponsor

"Bound for Broadway" Program

Art work created by students in grades K - 12 is displayed in the Alumni-Student Activity Center each May with awards for outstanding works.

Corporate Sponsor

North Tonawanda High School Visual & Performing Arts Wall of Fame

St. Christopher School

Tonio DiPaolo 

Inducted May 10, 1997


The NTHS Visual and Performing Arts Wall of Fame, founded in 1996, honors alumni and staff members of North Tonawanda High School who have enjoyed success as a visual or performing artist and/or educator.  The Wall of Fame is located in the Alumni Student Activity Center.  Induction ceremonies have been held in 1997, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2012  and 2013. The next Induction will be on May 20, 2017.

Corporate Sponsor 

North Tonawanda City School District

Annual Art Show